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Terms & Conditions Insurance

Insurance Cover

Freestyle Fireworks Ltd will have in place, at the time of display, public and products liability insurance cover to a minimum of £5,000.00. This may be increased in certain circumstances, for which an additional fee will be charged. Insurance cover indemnifies the Company against possible claims incurred as a result of faulty materials and/or negligence on behalf of the Company’s operators.


A 30% deposit is required along with your booking form to secure you booking with us. On receipt of booking form and deposit we will notify in writing with confirmation of agreed display. The balance of payment is due 14 (Fourteen) days before your show date.
Bookings made with 28 days of your show date require full payment upon booking.

Cancellation Policy

Penalties for cancellation of a confirmed booking are as follows:

  • 28 or more days prior to the display: cancellation cost, deposit only
  • 28 days or less prior to the display: cancellation cost 50% of the total cost
  • If the display is cancelled by the client on the day of firing, for whatsoever reason, the total cost is payable

If a show is not allowed to go ahead or cancelled by the venue for any reason outside of Freestyle Fireworks Ltd Control, then the same conditions apply above as for a Client Cancellation.

Adverse weather conditions – The final decision for firing on the day of the display is solely that of Freestyle Fireworks Ltd. If on the day of the display, due to adverse weather conditions the display cannot be fired 50% of the total display value will be invoiced to the client.

Freestyle Fireworks has not, to date, cancelled any show due to weather conditions. We will always endeavour to communicate fully with you as the client about any potential problem and seek to agree a satisfactory resolution or cancellation.

Pyrotechnic Display Substitutions and / or omissions

Freestyle Fireworks Ltd reserve the right at any time to substitute or omit any pyrotechnic effect from a show which we determine could cause an unacceptable Health and Safety risk.

Suitability of site and permissions

Unless agreed in writing, it is the client’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions for a display to be staged at the chosen venue. Subsequently Freestyle Fireworks Ltd will liaise with the venue undertake all necessary site surveys. If Freestyle Fireworks Ltd determines that the venue is unsuitable for a display then any deposit paid will be returned, subject to cancellation terms above. It is the client's responsibility to confirm the venues policy regarding fireworks. Freestyle Fireworks Ltd will not accept any claims in relation to noise nuisance in situations where a low noise display has not been requested.

It is advisable to notify neighbours, local farmers, livestock owners, hospitals, nursing homes and anyone else who may be affected or distressed by the display. Although we recommend you notify the parties listed above, it is not required by law.

Travel Supplements

Displays within a 50 mile radius of Freestyle Fireworks Ltd (CH4 9NR) will not incur any additional travel charges. Any displays at a venue in excess of a 50 mile radius of CH4 9NR may incur an additional travel charge for which Freestyle Fireworks Ltd will provide a quotation.

Site Security

Freestyle Fireworks Ltd will advise the client on the necessary safety and security measures that will need to be in place at the venue, particularly relating to appropriate number of stewards, safety barriers etc it is the client's responsibility that these recommendations are undertaken prior to commencement of the display.


A display in progress may, at the absolute discretion of the principal firer representing the Company, be aborted or modified should the safety of spectators and/or property be compromised. It is the responsibility of the client and/or the venue management to ensure the general safety of spectators.

Firing Site Clearup

Any firework display site, post display will result in some site debris which is normally only degradable paper and card. We will always endeavour to clear the site of as much debris as is practicable given the prevailing conditions.

Data Protection

Freeestyle Fireworks Ltd will not pass on any of your details to any third parties. Confirming a show booking with Freestyle Fireworks Ltd is an acceptance by you as the client of the terms and conditions of trading as set out above.

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